Is oatmeal low FODMAP?

Is Oatmeal Low FODMAP?

If you are on a low FODMAP diet, you may know that it can be difficult to get in enough fiber. And many high fiber grains are a no-no. So, you may be wondering, “is oatmeal low FODMAP?” The simple answer is yes, but of course, there are some factors to consider when choosing and …

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Low FODMAP cocktails and mocktails perfect for summer

Low FODMAP Cocktails and Mocktails Perfect for Summer

If you have IBS, you might be wondering how to enjoy a safe drink or two at your summer barbecue or pool party. These low FODMAP cocktails and mocktails are a good place to start. See below for some of my favorite cocktails and instructions on how to modify (most of) them to a mocktail …

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Alcohol and IBS

Alcohol and IBS

It’s 3 PM on a Friday afternoon when your coworker proposes happy hour. You have IBS and are worried about the consequences of drinking, but you don’t want to miss out. What do you do? Alcohol is well established as a gut irritant and in IBS it is a common trigger for symptoms. But most …

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Coffee and IBS

Mmmm…. coffee! Maybe you love the complex taste, nutty aroma, and the feel of a warm mug in your hands.  Or perhaps it is the jolt of energy and boost of mental clarity that keeps you coming back.  Whatever it is, for many of us coffee is the first thing we reach for in the …

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