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Low FODMAP Air Fryer Blackened Salmon

In this air fryer blackened salmon recipe, we combine low-FODMAP spices with omega-3-rich salmon, cooked to perfection using a delightfully easy cooking method. The mild, delicate flavor of salmon pairs beautifully with the bold, smoky notes of our low-FODMAP blackened seasoning. Nourish your body with healthy fats and protein while keeping IBS symptoms at bay.

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Low FODMAP Trail Mix Featured Image

Low FODMAP Trail Mix

What’s the perfect snack for some quick energy and protein on the go? Trail mix! But before you buy a bag of commercial trail mix full of high-FODMAP ingredients, check out my easy-peasy recipe to make your own low-FODMAP trail mix at home. This recipe contains just the right balance of sweet and salty ingredients.

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Low FODMAP Chili Featured Image

Low FODMAP Chili

Are you a chili lover but the high FODMAP ingredients trigger uncomfortable symptoms? Well, here to the rescue is a low FODMAP chili recipe with beans that tastes quite like the real deal. And if you are looking for a meal you can prepare ahead of time, scroll down the the slow cooker instructions for

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