One-on-One Virtual Nutrition Services

Symptom Relief Packages:

Why a package? The initial visit is all about getting to know you… We will review your history, what you have tried in the past, what worked and what did not, and decide how to proceed. There is usually little time for education in the initial session, so follow-ups are required. 

Gut health issues usually take some time to work through. Three follow-up visits are usually the minimum. You may need six or more sessions. With the starter package, the first 3 follow-ups are included. Then, if more visits are needed you can book a Symptom Relief Follow-up Package at a discounted price, or a single follow-up session at full price.

The Symptom Relief Starter Package includes:

1 Initial Assessment (75-90 minutes)

3 Follow-up Visits (30-45 minutes each)

Price: $349.00

Symptom Relief Follow-up Package:

For existing clients only

3 Follow-up Visits (30-45 minutes each)

Price: $189

Single Follow-up Visit:

30-45 Minutes (for existing clients only)

Price: $70

Are you ready to feel better, be more comfortable in your body, and enjoy food again?

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Conditions I work with include: IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, SIBO, Celiac Disease, Gastroparesis, GERD / Reflux, Short Bowel Syndrome


*Please note Cassie Madsen is licensed in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Licensure laws dictate where dietitians may practice. Not all states have licensure laws. Feel free to book a connection call if you live in another state – we may still be able to work together, or I can help you find someone in your state.

Freelance Writing

Do you need great content for your health and wellness blog? Are you looking for a nutrition professional to help with content writing or marketing for your brand?

As a Registered Dietitian I can provide you with accurate, evidence-based, SEO-optimized content to bring new readers and clients to you!

Contact me and let’s discuss how I can help you!

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